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   Tips for Troubleshooting 37000 Line 11 Incorrect Syntax near 39 39 when generating rep [18/05/16 09:13AM]   
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Manual Solutions

Issue Summary:

37000: Line 11: Incorrect Syntax near '*' when generating rep

Issue Detail:

When generating a report that includes a range of accounts in the row format and the client has 100 or more companies in Solomon, the following errors occurs...

FRx Reporting Engine
37000: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 11: Incorrect syntax near '*'.
OK Cancel
FRx Reporting Engine
This report yeilded no data.

However, the above error only happens for certain companies of the 100 or more created. This error will occur using companies numbered 99 or less and will occur with companies numbered 100 or more. Therefore, the error is not just limited to companies created after the 99th one.

Steps to Recreate:
1.)Install FRx 6.5.184 for Solomon using any of the Solomon OFSIs provided for this version (6.5.259, 6.5.260,
2.)Set up a company with the following information
GL ODBC Data Source Name:
Server: minyasql2000_52
Login ID: master
Password: xrf
Change Default Database To: SOL55_NBAAPP_KS System
Database Name: SOL55_NBASYS_KS Master
Password: xrf (field only appears if logged in as FRx administrator)
Natural Account Length: 5
Company ID: RMI
3.)Set the above company as default
Login ID: sysadmin
Password: blank
4.)Create a simple row format with the following range: (00101 TO 00126)
5.)Create a simple column layout like the following:
6.)Create a catalog with the above row and column. Use report date of 1/31/2004 and use financial report detail only.
7.)Generate the report.

Incorrect Result: FRx Reporting Engine Receive the following error: 37000: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Line 11: Incorrect syntax near '*'. Followed by "This report yeilded no data."

Expected Results: The report should run without error.

The only known workaround at this time is to somehow get the client under 100 companies in Solomon. Also, rerunning the scripts has fixed this issue a couple of times but that is not a reliable fix as it doesn't fix the issue in all cases.

Status of Resolution:

This issue has been addressed in 6.5.184.

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